“The Harvest GC lands are truly awe inspiring. The panoramic vistas, flowering apple blossoms and great sweeping elevation changes made my first tours of the land a delight. Golf holes literally danced in front of my steps. This project was a joy from the first conceptual drafts to the final sculpturing of the land with heavy equipment. However no matter how busy the site time was I always managed to appreciate the calming nature of this site. This fine golf course is in my mind a place of solitude that calls you back time and time again.
A special place to play golf with friends and the spot to be one with nature."

— Graham Cooke, “our” architect

Describing The Harvest golf course requires the whole Thesaurus. 

No one knows a golf course like the person who designs it. We are thrilled – we also agree – with the above quote from our esteemed architect Graham Cooke.  It’s our sincere wish that you, too, will be as impressed with The Harvest Golf Club. Not just the course but with all of the amenities we offer. 


Established in 1994, under the guidance of our current owner Masayoshi Ohkubo of NipponCable, The Harvest was carved through 165 acres of apple orchards by renowned architect Mr. Cooke, creating an exceptional golf experience in utter harmony with the natural surroundings that offer stunning views of Lake Okanagan and the City of Kelowna. 

As a multi-market golf facility that averages 35,000 golf rounds per season, The Harvest encourages golfers to play aggressively from the tee, but demands a well-placed approach to the green. Still, the course is very walkable over the entire 18 holes.

The Harvest also features Kelowna’s best practice facility with state of the art synthetic turf by SYNLawn, target areas, dedicated chipping and putting greens and CPGA Professionals to help you hone your game.

Enjoy a truly unique golf experience. The Harvest Experience.

What this means to the golfer is: spectacular Okanagan views, award-winning service, attention to detail and golf that’s second to none! At 7,109 yards, The Harvest is a championship-length golf course.

The Harvest 2016....52 copy.jpg

Wide, impeccably-manicured bentgrass fairways contribute to the unique character of our special course. With multiple tee areas designed to challenge the potential of every golfer, The Harvest is truly one of nature’s most picturesque playing fields. 

The Harvest is situated on 251 acres in “downtown” East Kelowna. Forty four acres are devoted to a working orchard featuring five varieties of apples including: Spartan, Royal Gala, Granny Smith and Fuji. An additional five acres of land produce Ehrenfelser, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wine grapes, used exclusively by Gray Monk to produce numerous award winning wine products.

The Harvest provides an excellent location for events of any size, or just to relax with friends. Every detail of the clubhouse has been carefully considered for the enjoyment of our guests.

Get to know the lay of the land with our resident expert: Gilles Dufort.

No one knows a golf course like a General Manager/Executive Professional and no one knows The Harvest like Gilles Dufort. We asked Gilles for some of his insights on the course and the club itself: 

Describe the overall terrain of the golf course and general impression of The Harvest.

“The Harvest is a gorgeous, parkland-style golf course in a beautiful orchard setting. We’re fortunate that 800 of the fruit trees remain. It’s an open course surrounded by orchard — with lake and mountain views.

“There’s not a lot of choice for good weather in Canada. But here we have a “micro climate” that accounts for not only our orchard setting, but the region’s many wineries, etc. It’s an arid climate much like Arizona and Nevada: semi-desert and high, blue skies.” Or as Gilles says very tongue-in-cheek, “We can screw up many things, but we cannot screw up the setting and the view. They stay constant every day.” 

golfphoto4.jpgWhat kind of grass on fairways and greens?

“Bentgrass on tees fairways and greens.”

What kind of condition is the course in at different times during the year?

“We open mid-March and close at the end of October. The course conditions are extremely good from opening day onward. The only change is when aeration is performed as part of our normal maintenance practices – mid-April and mid-October.” 

Describe the approach to the first tee and the overall first impression of the course.

“It’s an extremely convenient walk to the first tee. The routing plan of this golf course is probably the best I’ve seen in my 40-plus years in golf. You can walk from the restaurant to the pro shop, to the driving range, to the putting green and finally to the first tee. It’s no more than a few hundred yards. The routing plan is fantastic and convenient for all golfers. It’s also very social without golfers losing track of their tee times.”

What is the best par 5 on the course?

“ I would say it’s #2. It’s a strategically-placed driving hole with a sharp dogleg left off the tee. This leaves you with a wide-open shot to the green. Your third shot is to a narrow, elevated green, which is not reachable in two for the vast majority of golfers.” 

golfphoto5.jpgWhat is the best par 3 on the course?

The best Par-3 is #6, a long, elevated par-3 with slight elevation to the green. There’s a small, three-tiered green guarded by bunkers at the front. The pin could be on any of the three levels – your shots get more intricate as your target narrows down to the top level of the green.” 

What is the toughest hole on the golf course? 

That would be #7. It’s a Par-4, dogleg left off the tee that leaves you with a mid to long shot – depending on the time of year and how good of a shot you are. Then it’s to a two-tiered elevated green. Because of the elevation you can’t see the bottom of the pin on the tiered green, which makes for tough club selection. The green is undulating, so even if you get on the green you’re not guaranteed par because of the undulation. And if you get on the wrong level, three-putts are not uncommon!” 

What is the most difficult green on the golf course? 

Graham Cooke greens are characteristically undulating so “tough” is a relative term. Some might find all of our “Cooke” greens tough. But the very toughest might be #12. It’s a slightly elevated green, with two distinct levels – low and upper. Both have deceiving slopes or breaks. You may not realize you’re putting downhill, and it may curl left or right. And if you have to get from one level to the next it can be very difficult.” 

As Gilles makes his rounds, talking to most of the golfers here at The Harvest, he hears that. A LOT! He generally replies along these lines: “Since the course is wide open, you don’t look for balls, you don’t lose balls. There are no forced carries. Not a lot of water. But you do have true Graham-Cooke-style undulating greens. People think they’ve got it made once they’re on the green. Not true! Watch for the breaks and the slopes.”

golfphoto7.jpgDescribe the finishing “home stretch” holes (15, 16, 17 and 18); is this a chance to salvage my round? Is it rough? Fun? 

“In a nutshell:

  • 15 is a very tough par-4
  • 16 is a very difficult par-3
  • 17 is the longest hole on the golf course
  • 18 is a shorter par-5 which is quite gentle – you catch your breath as far as length but the green is quite severe and undulating – again a Graham Cooke trademark.

“This makes up one of the most difficult sections of your round here at The Harvest.” 

What is the “Signature” hole at The Harvest?

“It’s #17. The tee box is slightly elevated, so you have a good look at the hole for the most part, and it’s the longest hole on the golf course. This is the hole that tends to be the most-talked-about. This is not the golf hole you’ll remember forever and want to have your picture taken on but people still talk about this hole more than any other hole.”

Scorecard and Course Rating

The Harvest offers a variety of tees to challenge any golfer from seasoned vets to those just getting their golf sandals wet. Please see the course ratings below for more details and then give us a call to book your next tee time at The Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna, BC!

Hole Rating Slope 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total
Black 72.9 127 425 579 397 203 400 194 426 378 565 3567 425 169 433 382 508 419 186 498 522 3542 7109
Combo 71.9 123 398 551 397 203 400 174 393 378 565 3459 399 169 419 382 508 379 181 463 522 3422 6881
Blue M: 70.3
W: 77.9
W: 133
398 551 369 170 364 174 393 341 530 3290 399 142 419 350 468 379 181 463 479 3280 6570
Combo 69.2 116 382 551 369 165 318 174 359 341 530 3189 364 142 384 350 468 356 151 427 479 3121 6310
White M: 68.4
W: 74.5
M: 112
W: 124
382 531 353 165 318 160 359 308 495 3071 364 128 384 324 423 356 151 427 437 2994 6065
Handicap   3 5 15 13 11 7 1 17 9   6 18 4 12 16 8 10 2 14  
Par   4 5 4 3 4 3 4 4 5 36 4 3 4 4 5 4 3 4/5 5 36/37 72/73
Green M: 65.8
W: 71.0
M: 103
W: 121
351 475 312 128 280 126 350 273 454 2749 329 115 346 259 397 323 127 407 402 2705 5454
Handicap   5 1 9 13 15 11 3 17 7   4 18 6 16 12 2 8 14 10  


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